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Mill St. Substation Reliability Improvement Project

Powered by Entergy Mississippi

Hinds County will be positioned for continued economic growth when Entergy Mississippi begins a three-phase technological upgrade to its electric power transmission system in January of 2020.

The project will enhance reliability, increase transmission capacity and help ensure the availability of affordable power now and into the future.

The map below outlines the areas affected by the project. The colored lines indicate the path along which the existing electric transmission systems will be upgraded.


Project Map

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Electric Power Transmission System Upgrade Facts

  • Entergy is investing approximately $31 million in the electric transmission infrastructure of the Jackson Metro area
  • This upgrades Jackson to a technologically advanced system with increased capacity and reliability.
  • This project includes constructing a new substation that taps into the existing Fondren to Monument Street 115 kV line as well as constructing approximately one mile of 115 kV transmission line to create a new line from the existing Rex Brown substation to the new substation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the project's timeframe?

Construction will start in January of 2020 and is scheduled for completion by October 2020.

Should I be concerned about safety issues?

Our top priority is to have a safe, accident-free environment. Entergy Mississippi has developed detailed on-site safety measures that have been tailored to meet the specific needs of the project, community and impacted areas.

When will the crews be working?

Crews will work primarily from dawn to dusk, approximately 10 to 12 hours per day.

Will we notice the transmission construction crews?

Yes. Multiple crews will be working simultaneously on each of the designated streets. Crews will use very large equipment, including 24-foot-wide bucket trucks and 120-foot cranes at each of the existing transmission poles.

How will my neighborhood be impacted?

When construction is taking place in your neighborhood, there will be revolving street closures, no parking zones, as well as pedestrian and bicycle restrictions.

Will my neighborhood lose power?

We have currently identified a few locations that will require brief service interruptions as a result of this project. For those affected customers, we will provide you with advance notice so that the appropriate accommodations can be arranged.

How long will crews be working on my block?

The duration of work on your block will vary, depending on the distance between the existing poles in that section of the project. Entergy has developed a detailed communication plan to keep you informed before the crews reach your neighborhood. We will provide you with specific information to ensure you have the best information in a timely manner.

What about the trees and other vegetation?

Entergy Mississippi works with experts to ensures trees are trimmed in such a way to protect their health while still maintaining reliability – something we already do as part of our annual proactive maintenance plan. As always, safety is our top priority. We will trim or remove trees that are too close to power lines to eliminate hazards, reduce outages and help ensure the safety of the public and crews.

How will I know if my street or block will be directly impacted?

If there is a large steel transmission pole located on your street, you will be impacted. Advance notification will be made through a variety of channels, including local and social media and direct calls. Additionally, Entergy Mississippi customer service representatives will be knocking on doors and meeting one-on-one with residents and business owners to ensure that everyone is informed of the project construction work zones and timelines. Be on the lookout for Entergy Mississippi representatives in your neighborhood.

Where should I report neighborhood issues and concerns regarding this project?

Please call the Jackson Upgrade hotline number at 1-833-436-8374 or send an email to

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